Autism spectrum disorder, what does this mean? It is now the term for all autistic disorders. It’s the main umbrella that all the different types of autism reside under. My 2 boys Anthony and Shane have ASD. What they were formally was Anthony had Aspergers and Shane had Non Verbal Autism among other things. They both are just kids with ASD which is ironic as they are on entirely different ends of the spectrum. The differences between them is astounding. Yet they are both classified as having the same thing. People often ask me 2 things and one is how we cope, how do I do it?As I have answered before, this is not about coping, you just do it. This wasn’t a choice, I did not chose to have 1 child with autism let alone 2. It’s not a conscious decision that you wake up one day think I wonder what it would be like to be a mum of 2 on the spectrum. Secondly I get asked what a normal day is like? This I laugh at because there is no such thing, I have no idea what a normal day is, no 2 days are the same. Just when you have it figured out for each kid on what there new thing is, it goes and changes. For me normal is not knowing if everything is going to turn to shit in a hell of a hurry. If we are dressed, fed and out the door then that’s normal, might have taken an hour and half one day and 20 mins the next but hey we are out the door. Like I tell people I don’t do normal!


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