Chemo that dreaded word, you have your diagnosis and now its treatment time. Terrified is an understatement when you are faced with a treatment plan that you have heard about, possibly seen others go through but now you are faced with it. You hear stories about other people’s experiences with it and neither you or your doctor know how its going to effect you. How your body is going to react is very different from one person to the next. even on chemo this whole thing is still surreal for me as I am not text-book. Things my body should be doing on chemo it’s not and things my body shouldn’t be doing on chemo it is.                                                                                   No matter what the treatment plan is or the side effects keep it real. Don’t tell people you are fine when you’re not. Chemo is just as big a head game as it is a physical one. You are allowed to say stuff the world and hide for a day, you are allowed to give into your cravings and eat what you want. If there is ever a better time or greater need to listen to your body then it is now. If you need sleep, then sleep, if you have no energy to do anything then don’t. If you are hopped up on steroids and need to burn the energy then do so. No body can truly understand how good or bad you feel mentally, physically or emotionally. Remember to be gentle with yourself, don’t expect anything and take each day as it comes. I have good and bad days, from mentally and emotionally flat to physically jittery and not being able to sit still. The trick is to find a way to use it your advantage. Draw strength and inspirition from where ever you can get it. You are going to need to muster what ever inner strength you have to get through what will be the toughest thing you are going to go through.

We all have bad days!


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