Non – Verbal Autism

Non – Verbal Autism, not words any parent wants to hear about their child. Honestly not words many people understand. My youngest Shane is 5 and he is Non – Verbal Autistic. Having a child with this changes everything you know and think you know about parenting. Knowing something is different with your child is one thing but having a diagnosis is a whole different ball game. Yes for us it made it easier because then we knew what we were dealing with and could get on with excepting and working on our new future. For me Shane was still the same, he hadn’t changed, how we deal with him and teach him life changed because it had to for him to be able to understand. There are many common misconceptions surrounding what Shane has, for example, he can make noises and sounds, which always shocks people as they believe there would be no sound coming out of him. As I have repeatedly told people he is not mute or deaf and has amazing hearing so yes he has some abilities. He can speak 5 words, then comes the question of but you said he is non verbal. This doesn’t mean no words at all, it can mean a few or for some a vocabulary base of 50+ words. Just because he is Non – Verbal doesn’t mean he is quiet. He has days where he is a typical noisy kid into mischief that i swear you could hear him from the street. Then other days you don’t even realise that a kid lives in my house and you could hear pin drop. I find people are often confused by Non-Verbal and what that means, it is different for everyone. We are lucky we live in a time where we have so many things available to us and new communication systems that we can utilise to teach Shane so he can one day be a functioning adult and with some luck a functioning member of society. Overall at the end of the day its his happyiness is what counts.


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