Universal connections

Sometimes we meet and connect with people who are part of our lives for a day and others for a lifetime. We meet people because it is meant to be, for what ever reason making that connection feeling the impact of them even only for a short time is what you needed. Any kind of relationship is hard to navigate, so when you are given signs from the universe however big or small you need to take them. Ask yourselves, What was the last connection you made? What kind of impact to have on each other? How long was that connection? We’re you open to receiving the message that was sent to you? Making a connection is paramount to the survival of the human race, it is within these connections that we get the answers we are looking for. These connections and answers come from people you least expect to be apart of your life, but the impact on which one person can have on another in such a short time can be amazing. You never know the kind of impact or impression you are making on someone. It will come at a time when you least expect it. Question is are open to making these connections?

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