Last Chemo

So on Thursday the 25th of January I had my last chemo treatment. It was terrifying and awesome all at the same time. Yes I was sick, I felt sick, I smelt sick. It was terrifying because of the unknown, the what next, although my cancer journey is not quite over it means it is drawing to a close rather rapidly. It means I can plan and start moving on with my life. When I first started treatment back in October it was that “ok I got this”. It will be over in January I kept telling myself but like most people you get half way through and it started to get tough. Knowing I was half way there made it hard because I just wanted it over, and now chemo is. So much of my life and my families lives have been consumed because of my cancer and my chemo. Now we get that time back. We can start living again, not having to worry about am I going to get sick, will I be too tired, how many people are going to be there and what germs will they have. Can I eat that food today, will it make me nauseous. All questions that every cancer patient has to think about every time they leave the house. Now i can start to live again!

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