School Days

As of this year I have both my kids at school, which for me is huge given my circumstances. My oldest Anthony has never been one for school and always hated it. My youngest Shane well given he is non verbal makes it difficult. I was apprehensive to say the least about both of them. With Shane being the way he is it meant that he is going to a disabled school not mainstream. Armed with this knowledge we had no other choice but for Anthony to change schools closer to Shane’s, I think the change of schools we were more worried about. However as per usual it turned out to be the best decision that we have ever made as a family. I say this because he has gone from attending sometimes one day a week to attending everyday and worried that he is going to miss a day. Shane well typical Shane has taken it in his stride and loves it. Warranted he won’t wear his school uniform unless his teacher puts it on him but as long as he is going I don’t care. As we say regularly in our house “pick your battles”.



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