As many of you know I had cancer and I am in remission. Many of you also know I had long thick luscious hair which 3 weeks into chemo treatments started falling out. Me being me, wouldn’t stand for it took charge and shaved my head. I was going to lose my hair, my way, when I wanted to, not when the disease told me I was going to. Now I don’t mind the big bald head look and thankfully I am able to pull it off, with or with out a hat. I never thought much about how different I must look until I met someone new who perceived me to be something I am not. Me being me laughed and thought it was hilarious what they thought of me. Then once I explained my situation and showed them photos of me with hair they were shocked at how different I look, there perception of me piercings and all changed. I didn’t think I looked that different until I looked at the photos together and damn now I see the difference.


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