Pecs is short for Picture Exchange Communication Systems. It literally means that, it is where a person uses a picture in exchange for the item that is in the picture. It is an alternative form of communication that is used for a variety of disabilities. Some of these include but not exclusive, to speech impediments, non verbal autistic, deaf, ABI – Acquired brain injury and many more. It is a an enormous break through in communication for those able to use it. As a mum of Shane who is Non – Verbal Autistic it has helped us immensely in so many ways. It has lowered frustration levels for all of us as Shane is able to ask for what he wants. We as a family are able to know and understand what it is he asking rather than him standing there pointing in a general direction with us having to go item by item until we get the right one that he asking for. It is a game changer in regards to Shane’s confidence and personal growth. It has given him a voice and an opportunity to be heard. So i could keep up with the therapy and understand where he was at and what work needed doing i did the PECS level 1 training, which i have found to be invaluable in  being apart of Shane’s therapy and as an involved parent.

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