ABA Therapy

ABA is short for Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy. It’s an intensive intervention program used for kids who fall under the autism spectrum disorder category. The main aim of ABA is to obtain an understanding of the child’s behaviour and change that such behaviour. Being able to spot the negative and positive behaviours is critical in the success of the program and for the child to be able to learn and grow. This is because the program utilises the system of rewarding positive behaviour while changing the negative. It is not a therapy that is suitable for everyone, largely because of the type of therapy it is, how many hours in a week it runs for and the costs associated with it. A standard program commonly runs for 20 hours a week and is integrated into everything from home and school and after school activities. This is why there is such a large cost involved as it perform by an occupational therapist to be with the child and family for the full 20 hours. Like a lot of parents I have done the level one training so I can help the therapist and know that is expected of us and how to be able to keep up with what’s going on where my child is at.

For more information click on the link https://auaba.com.au/


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