Sign Language

Sign Language is one of the most useful forms of communication outside of speech. It is where you make signs and gestures with your hands to communicate. Common misconception is that only deaf or mute people use it. Which we have seen an increase in its use in recent years. This due to it being an invaluable tool across a wide range disabilities It just takes practice to use. Especially for people who haven’t grown up around it or had to use it, this is because it does not come naturally. We also use sign language Auslan and Makaton with Shane for his Non – Verbal Autism. Auslan is Australian Sign language and Makaton is Key word signing or power words. Some exaple of key signs being  Yes, No, Stop Go, Finish, Help and many more.  This is because Shane likes to use a variety of ways to communicate.  We all use more than one form of communication I have the ability to speak yet I still gesture and point to help get across what i am saying to the listener. We as a family have found it useful in ways that we never thought or expected beyond Shane’s communication. For example when we have gone to a Comic Con which attracts huge crowds, you can’t always talk loud enough or scream what you are wanting to the other members of the family. Like the need to go to the toilet, our family unit knows what the toilet sign is so we will sign it the crowd rather than screaming at the top of the lungs that we need to go to the toilet. We also use the finish sign regularly when in public so that we know its done and time to go. i have found the finish sign to be more useful when it comes to Anthony and Shane over just saying we are finished as they seem to except the visual cue or command more than the spoken. The only issue is outside of the family home or deaf community as it has impracticalities and limitations due to the large number of society not being able to sign or understand sign. This is the one advantage pecs has over sign language because anyone can understand what is being asked of them. For example If i hand you a picture of the Mcdonalds sign you know i am after Mcdonalds.

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