“NO, NO, NO”

NO I am not stomping my feet and having a tantrum. One has the right to say NO, in fact we all have the right. Every man, woman and child has the right to say NO. It doesn’t matter your sex, your race or age you have the power to say NO. To stand up and say NO when we see something we don’t like. To say NO to being touched, abused, yelled at, bullied, sworn at or made to do something we don’t want to do. It is the most powerful word we have in our vocabulary. NO one has the right to try and take that power away from you. When was the last time you stood up and said NO? NO this is not on, NO you can’t do that, NO I am not going to do that. Could you imagine a world where NO had been said but hasn’t been heard? Oh wait…… for many people we are in that world. The kid who said NO to being bullied, the family who said NO to the violent or abusive partner and parent, the person who said NO to being raped, the person who said NO you can’t treat people that way, the person who said NO you can’t treat me that way. You used your power word but it wasn’t heard, and you are left questioning why? So many times the word NO is used and not heard, okay granted it is misunderstood and has been used in the wrong context or for the wrong reason at times. Many adults don’t understand how to use the word, let alone adolescents and children. How? as one person do you fix this universal problem. It’s called education, teach your kids, yourself and yes your peers as well. Teach them how to say NO, when to say NO, why to say NO, what to say NO to. We need to teach them that they can say NO, but most importantly how to listen to the word NO. We may not like the word NO, we may not want to hear the word NO but at the end of the day it’s too bad, we actually need the word NO. It gives us boundaries, mental, emotional and yes physical ones. Sometimes there are boundaries that just cannot be crossed. We need to get back to the old saying NO means NO. It doesn’t mean maybe, it doesn’t mean this time but not the next, it doesn’t mean to ask again to get a person to change their mind. We need to listen and except the word NO. The word NO is vitally important in this volatile world, NO is a power word for a reason.


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