Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone, its where we feel safe and protected from things we don’t like or want to do. Its all to easy to get stuck in that comfort zone and hide behind the barriers that we put up ourselves to have what we think is a reason not to do something or a reason why we act a certain way. However lets face it quite often its an excuse and what we use to get out of something. We have all done it, we are all guilty of it, we’ve all said to ourselves we cant because it hurts, I don’t have enough time, money, its to cold, its to hot, I just ate, its to hard, I will tomorrow, whatever your reason is, was it true. Was it a real reason or was it just an excuse? I ask you this what is it that makes us hide in our comfort zone and not want to break out side of it. Isn’t time to be all you can be, don’t run, don’t hide, be loud, be proud stand up and tell them with no apologies that this is who I am and I can and will do this. Get out of that comfort zone, live your life and push those damn boundaries and if people or the boundaries push back then grit your teeth, dig your heals in, stand your bloody ground and fight. Fight the good fight for you and what you believe in. If you don’t then who is going to, for you, your future and humanity. Changing the world and making a difference starts with you. Stand up and get out of that comfort zone, this where things happen, nothing will change sitting and cruising along in the zone. It stops you from reaching for the stars, seeing the miracle and being spectacular.


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