Moving Out

Moving out, a huge step on the separation road, that is anxiety filled and enormously confronting. The closing of one door and opening of another, on one hand your leaving your old life behind and the other you are starting new. Its a big factor for a lot of separated couples because you have to both jump in head first into the abyss to sink or swim. You both have to learn how live on your own again and all that comes with it. So you start again and get on with it, learning to be alone is tough after a long term relationship of any sort. Not having that extra person there is jarring for many because you get accustom to having them there. Then when you have taken that step and on your own there’s all the thoughts and emotions that come with it, hang tight though its a wild roller coaster ride. In this instance you have to do what’s right for you and any children involved. A huge learning curve for everyone and its how you deal with it that matters. Its not going to be easy but if moving out is the next step then one has to do it. Becoming singles again is a big shift in how you do everything from what you do to how you go about it. This is on basic level of everyday things, you are either re-learning or learning for the first time, things like how much food to buy and how much to cook.

You may find that you are playing catch up all the time and when you finally do it changes again, and this is true with everything in life. just when you think you got this shit handled something happens and it changes.  We get so caught up with the other person that you become an amalgamation of the two. Moving out means remembering all the things you have to and only you doing them.  We forget what’s it like living on our own and doing everything for selves. There’s also the physical aspects of moving out, and the associated costs involved. You don’t realise how much stuff you have and what it means to you until it comes time to divide it with a ex partner to go separate ways. You have to remember to be gentle with yourself.


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