Dating Sites

Where does one begin with dating sites and the mine field that is. It is the modern way of finding hook ups for fucks, dates or other. What ever you after you will find it on a dating site, it certainly caters for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are, you will find someone. When you fill out your questionnaire or profile make sure you are really clear on what you want. Although you will still get offers of things you never thought imaginable, but then again that could be just me, hehehe. Never fear though as you have options, if you don’t like the attention you are getting change the wants in your bio so you get different options or change sites. There is so many different dating sites out there its just a matter of finding the right one that suits you and what you are looking for. There are paid sites, free sites and different options on each. Some of the dating sites that are available at the moment are – POF (plenty of fish), Oasis, E-harmony, RSVP, Zoosk, Bumble, Tinder, Senior Dating and plenty more. You are sure to find what app best suits with what you are looking for.

Personally I have used POF and Oasis, I have found it interesting to say the least with the people I have met. Overall it has been a weird experience for me as I have met some amazing guys who weren’t for me, others have turned out to be awesome friends and I also got photography work through it. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been positive but the good has out weighed the bad. One thing I can say is don’t give up there is love out there you just have to be creative in how you go about getting it. The benefit of dating sites is you get to talk to someone first and get the basics out of the way before meeting them which breaks the ice somewhat. On the down side I have been asked by many men for tit pics and been sent so many dick pics I now have enough to make a scrap book. No questions seem to be off limits on these websites so be prepared to be asked all sorts of weird and wonderful questions. The next step Is too take the plunge cos you never know what you might find.


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