I have found myself recently people watching, I guess trying to find answers to why people do what they do. Why they act a certain way? why they treat people a certain way? from strangers to family to friends and I am shocked with what I have found, seen and been treated like. I am disturbed by what I have seen humans do to other humans, even those who are supposed to care about each other. When did we stop giving a crap about the human race whether it be their mental, emotional or physical state. When it comes to possessions we are a throw away society and everything is expendable. Problem being it seems normal to do that to people to, our emotions aren’t expendable. Is it too much to ask for people stop and give a shit about someone else other than themselves. Or are we so caught up in our selfish crap to care about others. I am not expendable, I am a person and I deserve to be treated a certain way. I believe this for everyone, no one is expendable, every body counts. Its a sad day when people start ignoring each out of no where, even to the point of hating each other over pathetic crap. We are losing the ability interact like descent human beings, I hope just its not to late. Not everyone has the strength to carry on time and time again. Every time we are treated badly, taken for granted, ignored, unwanted we gain a chink in our amour until one day we are no longer able pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep going. Do you know if anyone you love, care about or interact with is broken and shattered on the inside? Did you play a role in it? People never cease to amaze me anymore, I say this from my own recent experiences that things come out of no where and from the most unlikely people. I am talking about the good, the bad and the ugly, from parenting, to relationships to basic interactions. I may not be able to change the world by myself and it may not happen over night but I can change one interaction at a time and I can change how I treat people. It only takes one person to start a ripple effect and we can change the world together. Instead of crushing someone and stomping on them we need to build them up, there is nothing greater than being that person that lifts somebody instead of destroying them.


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