Self Esteem the inner demon

So how many of us actually think we are beautiful? Pretty? Handsome? Well let me tell you something, what you see in the mirror and what others see are 2 different things. Honestly something I am learning to wrap my head around, I hear all the time “your so confident and self assured”. I’m sorry, on the inside and behind closed doors I am just as shit scared as everyone else about what I show to people and don’t think I am anything special. Perception of ones self and others is a screwed up thing, but its how we deal with it that allows us to learn, grow, evolve and with any luck turn into half decent human beings. Self doubt and self hatred is alive and well in all of us, this is the issue they are living rent free in our hearts and minds, the important thing is how we learn to manage it. Like everyone else, they kick my arse and I to want to hide from the world. There are days I have to remind myself that I am okay, I am really not what I think I see in the mirror. When in self doubt mode it is inherent that you don’t get stuck in that revolving door. You need to have the tools in your arsenal that can pull you out and do things to help change the perception of what you think is reality. There are so many different things that you could do that your able to get creative in how you can fight back at the demons that have a strong hold. It could be going out with mates, dinner, drinks, dancing, getting lost in a good book or movie, buy something that makes you feel good or smell good, clothes jewellery or accessories, they don’t call it retail therapy for no reason. For me I’ve just done a couple of photo shoots where I am the model, I have never done that before so the experience alone is amazing to feel glamourous and different, to step out of my day to day world and I get to keep the photos. The biggest problem in todays society is that theirs to many opinions from others about what we should and shouldn’t do, what we can and can’t wear. When did being different become an issue? When did being “Normal” become so damn important? and why? What is the incessant need to be like everyone else, to be part of the heard. I understand wanting to fit in but really does that mean we have to trade who we are to be in the heard. Be real people, be you, live YOUR best life the only way you know how. We are all made equal in the fact that we are all so very different, there are no 2 people the same so why do you strive to be like others when you can be you. We need to build each other up not tare each other down, and if there’s one thing I tell people and learning to grasp the concept of myself is that “haters are gonna hate”. No matter what you do or say guaranteed somebody wont like it, so within the legal limits do what you want. Know where you’ve been and know where your going, be proud , be you.


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