Shanes NDIS

After a long wait and alot of work we are pleased to say Shane finally got on the NDIS. This funding means everything as he can now access things that we could not afford. Therapies are not cheap and are getting more expensive. Accessing the NDIS hasn’t been easy as there is such a demand and back log of people trying to access it. Shane will finally be able to get back to doing Private speech Therapy, Private Occupational Therapy, get a SGD (Speech Generated Device) and his pull ups / nappies are covered. Having all of this, will take a lot of stress and worry out of how we, as parents, are going to pay for these. The weekly shopping budget alone takes a hit of somewhere between $30 – $50 on nappies depending on the kind of week he is having. It works out at $200 a month most months and yes thats $2,400 a year. The cost is roughly $1.25 per nappy and its not like we can skip it. When you get to having a 7 year old in nappies/pull ups you know the individual cost. Shane is going to greatly benifit from this funding across the board. His future is very exciting and bright. He has come a long way and has way to go but the point is he is getting there. In the grand scheme of things this is all we can ask for. NDIS maybe pain staking, tiresome and yes down right frustrating but hang in there because when it works it actually works.


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